European Union’s U.S. Public Diplomatic Counselors Press Lunch

EU Press Lunch

Embassy and Consular Press attaches, Counselors, Academia and, Local Media gather around the event organizer and local European Union “powerhouse” Representative, University of Miami Professor, intellectual and Published Author Joaquin Roy…

For immediate release…

Miami, April 23, 2013


The European Union Center of Excellence (a local group branch based at both the University of Miami and FIU) organized a lunch media event at the newly re-designed Coral Gables Country Club. Aside from the basic networking function of the event, a set of short presentations by Event Organizer U of M Professor Joaquin Roy, Journalism Professor and Media Professional Leonardo Ferreira and Silvia Kofler Spokesperson and Head of Press & Public Diplomacy for the European Union elicited an animated question and answer session at the end of the lunch portion of the meeting.

Basic points covered ranged from the perception of the Hispanic community in Miami to the potential implementation of the European model to overcome the financial crisis here. Several of the attendees from the media had insightful comments and questions were presented in a thoughtful and productive manner.

Among the local media standing to speak or comment on the topics presented were Journalist Juan C. Gomez of Miami Diario, Pedro Gonzalez Munne of both, The Florida Association of Hispanic Journalists And The International Press Club Miami.

*-Following is a list of the guest, media and attaches media attending and a photo slide show with some more images of the event.

Guest list EU lunch-1 Guest list EU lunch-2

These event photos property of WPS and are free to re-use .Please just photo credit Bill Lara of  World Press Service

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